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Julie Burn Counselling

Helping you through life's challenges

About Me

I'm Julie, a dedicated and experienced counsellor of adults and adolescents and I want you to know that you matter. Whatever age or stage of life you are in, having a safe, caring and nurturing space in which to share your concerns can be transformative. It can lead to a happier, more contented you.

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I can help with:

Anxiety and depression

Relationship concerns

A general lack of motivation

Feeling lost in life

Coping with the loss of a loved one

Stress and feeling overwhelmed

Negative thinking

Life can be overwhelming sometimes and we feel at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions. At Julie Burn Counselling I will provide you with a safe and confidential space where you can share whatever is on your mind and we will work together to help you feel happier and more in control in your life.

The teenage years are an intense period of physical and emotional changes, which can leave us feeling confused, alone and misunderstood by those closest to us. Talking to a therapist about our worries can help us gain clarity and ease our worries and frustrations.

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