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My Services

With so many personal and private demands on our time today feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious can seem normal. This should not be the case. At Julie Burn Counselling, I can help you overcome such feelings.

I will provide you with a caring, safe and confidential space where you can talk about whatever is troubling you. With my support and encouragement you will begin to make changes in your life, that feel right to you, enabling you to live with more joy, confidence and self-acceptance. I can help with:



Low Self-esteem


Relationship Issues

My background in teaching and counselling in high schools in both America and Britain has provided me with ample experience working with the adolescent population. I regularly counsel young people and university students in my practice.

Adolescence can be a difficult time, with big life transitions, confusion and feeling misunderstood. As parents, trying to get our teenagers to open up, so we can begin to understand what they are going through, can be difficult, leaving us, and them, feeling frustrated and helpless. This is very common, so try not to worry but if you think your teenager is struggling more than usual, please get in touch. I can help with:



Academic Stress

Relationship and friendship issues

Self-harm and poor self-esteem


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